Action Sport

Outdoor adventures in all its variety - for daring, up-and-coming, beginners and families.

The ultimate high rope climbing park

The ultimate high rope climbing park Omunduntn in Altaussee offers new experiences for families.

Gröbming Adventure Park

Gröbming Adventure Park - The largest and most exciting adventure park in Austria awaits you in Gröbming. The adventure park is the leisure experience for the whole family. You experience the forest from a new perspective and embark on a journey into the interior of the forest. 200 stations provide adventure and excitement. New is the safety system "Safety Line" which guarantees a continuous protection for all climbers - the parents can now climb relaxed with their children. The combined ticket even includes the largest zipline in the Alps!

Canyoning, Rafting, Kajak

Canyoning, rafting and kayaking in the Gesäuse and much more are offered by our action specialists from AOS.

Another provider for rafting canyoning and adventure park is BAC- Best Adventure Company in Schladming.


SUP - Stand UP PADDLES - Anyone can do it, everyone loves it, in the SUP Center Salzkammergut you get it! Stand Up Paddling, SUP for short, or stand-up paddling is a sport in which the athlete stands on a kind of surfboard and moves away with a stand-up paddle. The origin of this sport goes back to Polynesian fishermen who were standing on canoes before Tahiti. In the twentieth century, paddleboarding is most common in Hawaii, where surf instructors use this method to get a better overview of the students. Only in the last few years has SUP Sport developed besides windsurfing and surfing to an independent sport